My main hobbies are computers based hobbies are programming, electronics and microprocessors. I also enjoy power kiting, walking and of course real ale :).

I usually have a number of projects on the go at once.


Electronics have always interested me. Following an aborted attempt to learn some basic eletronics in 2009 ( don't buy the "Dummies Guide to Electronics" ), I made a second attempt in 2012 ( buy "Make:Electronics" by Charles Platt ) which was successful. I can now design, build and understand circuits :).

My newly aquired skill quickly lead to microcontrollers (PIC and AVR), enabling me to combine programming with electronics... Read about it on my blog


Having made number of LEDs blink with my newly found electronics skills I quickly moved to bulding circuits with microcontrollers. I originally started with PIC (16F690) microcontrollers and then found Arduino, which are pre-build AVR microcontroller based boards.

The PIC chips I use are smaller and cheaper than the AVR, and require less additional components to build into a circuit.

The AVR chips (ATmega328) are more powerful, but also require more components to build into circuits.

Most of my electronics projects use one or more microcontrollers

Power Kiting

I enjoyed power kiting for a number of years with my HQ Beamer 1.8m. Now my kids are a bit older I have been able to get some more flying in with BIGGER kites :). I have also been training Matthew on smaller kites.

My current kites include;

  • HQ Beamer 1.8 (4 line)
  • HQ Symphony 1.2 (2 line)
  • HQ Symphony 1.8 (2 line)
  • Peter Lynn Peel 3.6 (2 line - scary)
  • Audiobooks

    I am also a big fan of audiobooks and classic sci-fi radio. My current favourites are listed in this blog post.