Pimblott Family Tree

I have been interested in the Pimblott family tree for a number of years, and have stored all the information about every Pimblott I have gathered over the years in the hope that I might be able to join the dots at some future time.

On this site have tried to provide as much information as possible to help with others investigating their branches of the Pimblott tree. If you can't find what you are looking for send me an email as I have lots more information than is published here.


There are two versions of the Pimblott tree available on this site;

You can also download the tree in KML for display in Google Earth

HTML version of the tree generated by a program called Oxygen. It produces very nice output that is easy to navigate.

Interactive Tree
Adobe Flash application written by me (while learning flash), to display the output from GedGenie. It is currently displaying an old version of the tree.